The length of time you wish to volunteer is completely up to you. We have many ways you can volunteer your time such as musical entertainment, special parties, holidays, events, arts and crafts, and trips into the community. We are always looking for volunteers of all ages and welcome youth groups, scouting groups, community organizations and individuals. We provide everyone volunteering with orientation and basic instructions before starting.

"Find your Niche"

Steve Hotchkiss has been volunteering at the Wayne County Nursing Home and Rehab Center for 28 years now. Steve first started with visits to members of the Church of God. Steve created the program he runs called "Steve's Hymn Sing" so all denominations' felt comfortable participating. This Monday evening program has become one of the most popular programs at that we offer. On average 40 to 45 people attend this program. We appreciate Steve's call to serve others through music.

Making a Continuous Commitment

For 18 years Elfreida Weber has been volunteering at the Wayne County Nursing Home and Rehab Center. She has found numerous ways to help. She is a volunteer shopper, runs a weekly group for those who are having trouble seeing, and assists another volunteer that is blind to offer music programs for our seniors. She helps transport people to a bible study group and she manages the clothing closet. The clothing closet is a place where clothing and other items are freely exchanged by those staying at the Wayne County Nursing Home. She organizes the items every week. She is always ready to help when it is needed.

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