Sometimes, the hardest part of recovery is just getting moving again.  Limitations in movement and the fear of pain can be daunting.  Patients need the best treatment plan to get them back on their feet quickly, safely and comfortably.

When a patient comes to Wayne County Nursing Home & Rehab Center for short-term rehabilitation, our Physical Therapists are ready to help improve mobility, increase physical stamina and increase independence.  This may range from wheelchair mobility to stair climbing.

Physical therapy exercises may include stretching, walking, core exercises and weight lifting, all with the goal of improving endurance, flexibility and strength.  Manual therapy and education, as well as heat, cold, hydrotherapy, ultrasound and electrical stimulation may also be used, depending on each patient’s plan of care. Our physical therapists provide skilled therapy services that vary from patient to patient, with an emphasis on patient participation and follow through.

Physical Therapy Services:

  • Gait analysis (for patients who are having problems walking); fall recovery, balance training
  • Manual therapy techniques, including joint mobilization, positional release, strain/counter strain and muscle energy
  • Stroke rehabilitation to restore function after a stoke
  • Home management skills including work simplification, energy conservation and home safety analysis
  • Orthopedic assessments of musculoskeletal problems 
  • Patient education and home program instruction
  • Comprehensive post falls assessment and interventions
  • Therapy for chronic pain problems and pain management techniques
  • Treatment of chronic, non-healing wounds through the use of state of the art equipment
  • Diagnosis and rehabilitation of vestibular disorders for patients suffering from dizziness
  • Continence management

Orthotic and prosthetic training:

  • Pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation
  • Strengthening activities to restore muscle function
  • Body mechanics to prevent injury and accident 
  • Car transfers
  • Stair retraining

Our Physical Therapy staff works with other disciplines to prepare our patients for discharge, and to ensure they are able to continue progress once they return home.  Contact us at 315-946-5673 to learn more, schedule a tour or plan your stay for short term rehabilitation at Wayne County Nursing Home & Rehab Center in Lyons NY.  For outpatient physical therapy, call Wayne Physical Therapy directly at 315-946-5646.

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