When an individual is recovering from orthopedic surgery, cardiac event, traumatic injury, stroke, or an extended hospital stay, it is difficult to complete basic activities of daily living.  This may include dressing, showering or cooking.  Even getting in and out of a bed, chair or car can be a challenge.  At Wayne County Nursing Home & Rehab Center, our highly trained Occupational Therapists can help!

We create a comprehensive treatment program that enables our patients to return to an independent, active lifestyle.   Our Occupational Therapists work together with each patient to determine individual goals and a plan of treatment to reach those goals as quickly as possible.

For example, a person might be taught to use a bathtub seat, grab bars or long-handled sponge for bathing or to use reachers to obtain objects from shelves.  Specialized techniques may be used to help individuals with cognitive functioning, such as increasing their visual awareness or improving short-term memory and reaction times. For instance, if a patient's field of vision in the left eye has been cut, that person will need to be trained to be aware of everything on the left side of the environment. If a patient can no longer perform a skill, the therapist can teach alternatives. For example, a right-handed person who has sustained injury to the right hand can be taught to use the left hand more efficiently.

Occupational therapists are trained to make splints to prevent further injury or to correct a deformity caused by injuries or diseases such as arthritis. Specialized treatment of the hand is offered by our occupational therapists. 

Occupational Therapy Services:

  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) retraining
  • Home and Community Management, including kitchen management tasks
  • Upper and lower extremity clothing management
  • Bed mobility
  • Bathing techniques and toilet transfer training
  • Splints

If a patient needs assistance in regaining independence in daily living skills, our occupational therapists can help. Contact us at 315-946-5673 to learn more, schedule a tour or plan your stay for short term rehabilitation at Wayne County Nursing Home & Rehab Center in Lyons NY.  For outpatient occupational therapy, call Wayne Physical Therapy directly at 315-946-5646.

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