Lymphedema is a build-up of fluid, usually in the arms or legs, which causes swelling, can slow wound healing, and can raise your risk of infection. Common causes of lymphedema are radiation, surgery, trauma to the lymphatic system, cardiac involvement, venous insufficiency, infection, etc. If you have lymphedema, we understand how uncomfortable and limiting it can be, and how it can impair your quality of life. At Wayne County Nursing Home and Rehabilitation, our in-house occupational therapist is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and is ready to help in the treatment of your lymphedema.

Your primary doctor, a physiatrist (Rehabilitation Medicine doctor), surgeon, or radiation oncologist should assess your symptoms and determine if you should be referred for lymphedema treatment. Our registered occupational therapist has dedicated training in the treatment of lymphedema and holds advanced certification from the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy.

If you are having lymphedema symptoms, it is important to let your provider know as early as possible. With early therapy, we can often reverse the buildup of fluid, but fibrotic scar tissue that develops with mid-to-late-stage lymphedema may be irreversible. Your treatment may include compression therapy, manual lymphatic drainage (special massage to help move fluid away from the affected area), and exercise. We will also teach you how to use bandages and compression garments to manage your lymphedema and feel more comfortable.

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