Wayne County Nursing Home & Rehab Center is the newest, most state-of-the-art facility in the area. By reserving a room at Wayne County Short Term Rehab in advance, you have the comfort of knowing that upon discharge from a hospital, your rehabilitation needs are arranged and that you have chosen one of the best healthcare providers in the area. First, you or your family should speak with your doctor, hospital discharge planner, or directly with our Wayne County Rehab Admissions Coordinator. This can usually be done either before or immediately after you have surgery or other initial treatments.

After you or a loved one decide on Wayne County Rehab, your doctor or discharge planner will make the referral. Then let our caring, professional staff at Wayne County Rehab take care of everything else, including any insurance coverage issues. It’s that simple!

Once you have made arrangements to enter Wayne County Rehab, it is time to prepare for your stay. A bag should be packed with the following items:

  • Several sets of night clothes (sleeping attire, slippers)
  • Five sets of daytime clothes (comfortable items that do not zip or snap, i.e. sweat suits)
  • Comfortable, rubber-soled shoes (i.e. Velcro sneakers)
  • A wheelchair or walker if desired

Schedule a tour at Wayne County Nursing Home & Rehab Center in Lyons, NY to ask questions on preparing for your stay in short term rehab or long term skilled nursing care.

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