Entering a nursing and rehab center or placing a loved one in a center can be a difficult decision. There are many things to consider. Our goal is to help you understand our admissions process and assist you in setting expectations for the stay.

Best in Short Term Rehab Care

Wayne County Nursing Home & Rehab Center is a leading short-term "next step" for patients who need to get stronger to ensure a safe transition home after a hospital stay. Caring for ourselves or a loved one at home can be challenging. Recovering from surgery or a major healthcare event often takes more than a few days, and we can be uncertain about what to do. Watching for signs and symptoms of a problem, an adverse reaction to new medication or any unforeseen change in condition is important to prevent return to the hospital. We each need and deserve the nursing oversight that will allow us to achieve the best possible outcome. And in many instances, we need this nursing care in conjunction with therapy. By staying in a location that offers this integrated medical model, we can return home and resume our previous level of function quicker. And just as important as getting home fast is being able to stay there. Taking the time up front to focus on recovery, educating ourselves and our family on any ongoing conditions and gaining back our physical strength are all critical in avoiding a return trip to the hospital.

Best for Long Term Nursing Care

Caring for our loved one can be exhausting for us and for them. They deserve to be cared for in the best possible way - with the most resources available for their needs. Staying at home is not always the best choice.Many of us think of the pain we would cause them by suggesting moving into a center. But is that the whole picture? As we think about their stay at home, can we make sure they get the care they might need? Can we arrange for their therapeutic social interactions? Can we provide 24/7 medical oversight and care? Will we be able to get them up each day at the same time, follow their daily routine including making sure their medications are delivered on time? Can we intelligently monitor them for any changes in condition? All of these things can be accommodated through our long-term care services. Knowing that a professional medical, social services, therapy and dietary staff is there can give us the peace of mind to really enjoy the quality time with those we love!

Although the available medical services are indeed important, it is also very important to determine if a healthcare facility will meet the emotional and social needs of you or your loved one. Our household model with a designated rehab wing is designed as a community where residents feel comfortable and safe. Residents receive individualized care and treatment, which in turn improves quality of life and functional outcomes.

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