Friday, 18th March, 2022

Mar 18, 2022.   There are no additional cases of residents or staff testing positive for CoVid. (Totals for this current outbreak are as follows: zero residents and one staff.) Visitor testing will continue per DOH requirements. Staff use of PPE continues. We will continue to work with the DOH and our Medical Director to keep our residents as safe as possible. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Covid Update 2/20/2024
 Tuesday, 20th February, 2024 Covid Update 2/20/2024

Covid Update for February  20, 2024: There is one resident who tested positive for the CoVid virus. There are no staff members...

Covid Update 1/30/24
 Tuesday, 30th January, 2024 Covid Update 1/30/24

Covid Update for January 30, 2024: There are no additional residents who tested positive for the CoVid virus. There is one additional...

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