Saturday, 19th February, 2022

There is one staff member who tested positive for CoVid.  (Total number of staff testing positive  66.)

There are no additional residents who have tested positive for CoVid . (Total number of residents testing positive is 72.)

Contact tracing and further testing is being completed at the discretion of our medical director.  Visitation remains open, but visitors must be tested at the front door.  PPE use remains a requirement of both staff and visitors.  Please see your social worker or unit nurse for further information or questions.

Covid Update 10/4/23
 Today Covid Update 10/4/23

Covid Update for Oct 4, 2023: There is one new resident today who tested positive for the CoVid virus.  There  also...

Covid Update 10/2/23
 Monday, 2nd October, 2023 Covid Update 10/2/23

Covid Update for Oct 2, 2023: There are no residents today who tested positive for the CoVid virus. However, there is one additional...

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