Enjoy gardening? Have a green thumb?

Many of the people living at the Wayne County Nursing Home were avid gardeners prior to moving to the nursing home. They enjoyed working in their flower beds and/or their vegetable gardens. The Portable Gardens provide the residents with a place inside to plant seeds and bulbs, to nurture them and watch them grow. Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths and other flowers started in the Portable Gardens can be transplanted to our outside gardens.

The Portable Gardens can be rolled to a resident’s room enabling them to spend time working on gardening. It is easily accessible to people who use wheelchairs. Each person can have their own space in the Garden to grow something special for themselves. Others, who are not participating in planting, enjoy watching the plants grow and looking forward to the flowering.

“It brings a little outside in to brighten up the day”, said resident Trudy Hurley.

The Wayne County Nursing Home Foundation, Inc. purchased the Portable Garden with a grant gratefully received from the Wayne County Endowment Advisory Committee.

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